Sincere communication, dreaming together

Announcer:Leshan   Time:2019-07-17

Sincere communication, dreaming together
——The team building of“Leshan 2nd and 3rd round of inter-departmental communication activities”
The hot wind in June blew the horn of the summer, it’s time to have the little surprise for the busy working. In order to truly practice the team concept of “big picture, win together”, the 2nd and the 3rd round of inter-departmental communication activities of Leshan are held as scheduled on July 6 and July 13th, 2019.

Part  1

At nightfall, the colleagues from PMC-planners, roughing lines and technical center came to the event site on the Desheng River with a relaxing after a hard day's work.

The activity is firstly greeted by Leshan’s unique greetings.
"Good! Well! Very good! Better and better! Yeah!"

Subsequently,Colleagues participating in the event were divided into “Vision Group”, “Mission Group” and “Core Value Group” to start an intense treasure hunt game. Each group finds the card hidden in the mysterious place within half an hour, and also combines the found cards into the vision, mission and core values,which can be converted into the amount of cards behind.At the beginning of the game, everyone searched for the grass around them, the stone seams under the feet, and they slao search for papaya trees and stakes on the roadside.

Once the cards are found, they must be combined into a vision, mission and core values in a limited time.

The treasure hunt game was finally won by the vision group, and the team members showed their achievements in a neat and loud voice.

The host presented the awards to the members of the Vision Group. The number behind the card was the bonus. Look at how happy the little members who won the award.

The happiest thing is to have a good time with friends. During the dinner, there was a lot of laughter and laughter, and they toasted each other. Thanks to the care of the leaders of Leshan, everyone feels the warmth of home.


During the dinner, the master did not forget to ask technical questions.

After the countdown of "3, 2, 1", the "shake" game begins, everyone shakes their mobile phones and pays attention to the ranking on the computer screen.


Part  2
At nightfall of July 13, 39 colleagues from the 2nd assembly lines of the mold department, mold design, pilot department, etc., came to the event venue on the Desheng River, and participated in the 3rd round communication activities of Leshan. VP Luo attended the event on behalf of the company's senior management.

“Good afternoon, everyone!”
"Good! Well! Very good! Better and better! Yeah!"As the greetings of Leshan people resounded through the clouds, the activities began.
In the first session of “Shrimp and Lobster”, the colleagues constantly searched for opponents to complete the upgrade as soon as possible and become the Alaska lobster. In this session, everyone has no divisions or levels, starting with small shrimps, challenging each other in the form of the most child-like stone scissors, completing the upgrade and achieving the goal.

After the first round of the game, the colleagues divided the “big lobster group”, “pippy shrimp group” and “shrimp group” according to their respective achievements, and participated in the next round of competition in the form of small groups.
The second round of the game is "I am the general". Each group consists of a colleague as the general. The rest of the colleagues as the soldiers, deliver supplies for the generals who fight on the front line. The team that delivers the fastest materials in each round can get a reward card. Zhang. When the host tells the materials needed by the generals, everyone will try their best to collect the materials. When they have the necessary items, everyone will be happy to contribute their own items to help the team complete the task.

In this session, we have seen the dedication and teamwork of the colleagues. Hoping that every colleague can do his best for theiw working of Leshan to help the general of Leshan to achieve a field. And let LESHAN make the world appreciate.

After the group building activities, the colleagues came to the decoration of the chic room to enjoy a healthy and natural dinner.

At the end of the dinner, the "shake" game pushed the event to a climax. Everyone swayed the phone madly and launched a shock to the 50 yuan lucky money.

Part  3
he activity is coming to an end. After the intense game and the laughter on the table, we deeply remembered the lovely faces and remembered this moment.
When everyone returns to their familiar working environment again, even if they don't remember the names of each other, but from a smile and a greeting, and constantly strengthen the team spirit of mutual assistance and mutual trust, Constantly strengthen the team spirit of mutual assistance and mutual trust, we can overcome all difficulties and solve all problems!
Concentrate on the development of strength, work together to achieve the same dream! Next, Leshanwill continue to organize cross-departmental communication activities to create a platform for mutual communication and create a harmonious working environment! Which department is the next wave? Stay tuned!


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